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Thank you for your trust in our practice and your patience during this difficult time.

As part of our enhanced precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking you to fill out as much paperwork as you can prior to your vist.
Please download and complete the New Patient Information, Health History, Privacy and Office Consent forms to complete prior to your visit.

Please bring and wear a face mask to your appointment.  If you don’t have a mask, we will provide you with one on your arrival.

Please have only one adult and no other children without a booked appointment accompanying your child to their appointment.  We are abiding by social distancing guidelines and limiting the number of people in the office.

The completed forms can be faxed to 519-977-1629 or emailed back to mail@drmeriano.com , or brought back with you to your appointment.

We look forward to seeing you in our office for your upcoming appointment.
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Dr. Alexandria Meriano and staff.

What to expect during your first visit
A little bit of Fun!! First impressions for you and your child are important! We aim for a positive start. Our first visit serves to introduce your child to our staff and office setting. We review medical and dental history and gently examine their oral health, gums, and jaws. Radiographs may be taken to help detect cavities between tightly touching teeth and to check on developing permanent teeth. Our staff will provide parents and children with education on oral hygiene, growth and development and prevention and diet counseling.
Click here to download "New Patient Information" form

Click here to download "Health History" form

Click here to download "Privacy and Office Consent" form


Making your child feel comfortable during your visit
First impressions are very important for your child. Positive early visits to the office will help your child establish a trusting relationship with our staff. We pride ourselves on our compassionate and understanding care. Pediatric dentists also have additional and unique training after dental school which allows us to offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) oral sedation and treatment under general anesthesia in the hospital setting. We will discuss your child`s unique needs and personalities with you and plan the best treatment for your child.

The Surgical Safari is a preoperative tour offered once a week for children having surgery at Windsor Regional Hospital

We recommend that children attend a tour the week prior to their day of surgery.  If you are not sure how to prepare your child for their upcoming surgery, let us help!  We provide age appropriate explanations of medical tools, procedures and a detailed tour of the areas of the hospital your child will see on their day of surgery.

A word about fees
• Fees charged for services rendered are from the current fee guide of the Ontario Association of Dental Specialists.
• The fees for pediatric dental specialists are not the same as those of a general dentist and may not be fully covered by your   dental insurance.
• Payment in full is expected at each treatment visit. You are responsible for the full fee charged. Our contract is between you and   this office, not your insurance company. We will assist you with any forms so that you may be reimbursed by your insurance   company.
• There is a $50 fee for all missed appointments without 24 hour prior notice.
• There is a 2% per month service charge on all overdue accounts.
• A pre-determination form may need to be submitted to your insurance company before any major treatment plan can proceed.   This is an estimate or work to be done and an estimate of what your insurance company will cover and may be willing to pay.
• A pre-determination therefore, is not a final statement of what will be charged. Depending upon what is actually found once   treatment begins and what would be in the best interests of your child, it may be necessary to modify the original treatment plan.
• The actual fees might therefore change from those listed on the pre-determination form.
• We will attempt to explain any changes to the treatment plan or fees in advance. This might not always be practical or possible   while the treatment is actually being given, especially with in-hospital cases.
• A fee will be charged to cover the extra time, responsibility, materials, travel, and documentation when in-hospital work is   necessary. This is usually not covered by your insurance company and is your responsibility. Any deposits will first be applied   against this fee.
• Consent to treatment implies an understanding and acceptance of these terms.

Please discuss with us any questions or concerns you may have.


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