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Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

How do Pediatric Dentists help prevent dental problems?
What is Preventive Dentistry?  Why is it important?

What can I do to help my child enjoy good dental health?
What can I do to prevent my child from getting cavities?
How often should a child see their Pediatric Dentist?
Why should my child see Dr. Meriano twice a year if they have never had a cavity?
What if my child is a 'Special Needs' child?

What should I expect during my first visit to Dr. Meriano's office?
Why do we fix baby teeth if they are going to fall out anyway?
What do I do if one of my child’s teeth are knocked out?

What do I do if a tooth is chipped or fractured?
What do I do if my child has a toothache?
What can I do to prevent dental injuries?
My child sucks on fingers, pacifiers and other objects. Is this bad for teeth and jaws?
What are the different types of fillings available? What is the difference between them?
How will I know if my child requires orthodontic treatment?
My child is very anxious about visiting the dentist. How can I calm my anxious child?
What if my child misbehaves during treatment?
Should I accompany my child into treatment?
Will my child require sedation?

What is Oral Sedation?
Is sedation safe?
What is Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen? Is it safe?

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